Welcome to the first installment of iQ Image Consulting blogs!

I am thrilled to be embarking on this journey and share how recognizing and respecting your self-image empowers and simplifies your path ahead. Life at 50+ is awesome. You have enough life experience behind you now to employ the wisdom, perspective and sharp instincts honed over time at their best. You navigate tough decisions well. You are at the peak of your professional career and a valued asset within your community. If you have kids, you see the fruits of your labor evolve as they grow into young adults. You appreciate the knowledge you’ve achieved to date and yet remain excited to discover all that lies ahead

However, as both mother nature and time demand, life at 50+ tends to come with many changes. Some, as mentioned above, are wonderful and welcome benefits while others are much less welcome and a wee bit stressful. First there’s the physical.

Exercise we once did effortlessly seems to be increasingly challenging. Our skin reminds us that wisdom comes with wrinkles. Our bodies tell us maturing gracefully is tough when gravity, hormones and metabolic rates are suddenly at war. Clothes start to fit differently as our bodies morph with time. Colors that once made us feel fabulous now look garish and our complexions dull. Our favorite heels now seem impossibly high to be comfortable any longer than 10 minutes. Salon appointments run closer and closer together as we color or highlight our hair to erase the gray that constantly seeps through.

And then there’s the emotional. Our kids become more independent, needing us less. Our free time increases but how best to fill it? Our generational spread becomes more noticeable yet we’re certainly not “old” in either body or mind, yet we’re not quite “young” either. We may not yet be retired but the vision is coming into focus. Our closet starts to stress us and shopping is more frustrating as clothes seem either too youthful or too frumpy. And why are designers continually cutting out perfectly good material that would cover our shoulders?

A healthy self-image is the key to balancing these changes and continuing a fulfilling journey ahead. Reconnect with yourself, respect your true image, love and appreciate your body and its beauty. Dress in a way that supports you, your personality and your lifestyle. Have a closet that is a place of joy and affirmation. Reclaim a level of self-confidence that is unshakable. Embark on your journey energized and inspired.

Welcome to iQ Image Consulting.

Let’s do this! Cheers, Kristin