The scarf. Perhaps the most versatile, cost effective and flattering accessory available. Unfortunately, many women leave them hanging dormant in the closet as they are intimidated by the “how”.

Fear no more! Say “yes to the scarf”! A well-styled scarf elevates and sets apart an outfit that may otherwise appear mundane or unfinished. Scarves are practical. For all those women out there who get cold easily like me, scarves provide warmth and the key to traveling in comfort.

So. How DO you wear a scarf? Well, the good news is, there are SO many ways. The bad news is, there are SO many ways! Alas, I bring you good news – no hyperventilating necessary! I’ve saved you hours of trolling YouTube Watch these clips by Eileen Fisher to learn step by step how to use a scarf to your style advantage. Eileen Fisher is an amazing designer who has mastered the art of drape, flow and elegance. These particular videos are easy to follow and fun. I’ve highlighted a few tips from each to get you started.

Eileen Fisher 2014 Scarf Tying Tips

0:12 marker: Great for square scarves. An elegant EASY way to wear, especially if you don’t have a necklace or “pop” on top.
1:28 marker: Great for oversized, lightweight or sheer scarves. Very elegant.
2:37 marker: Effortless and works with rectangle scarves in various weights. Casually elegant for silk.

Eileen Fisher 2015 Scarf Tying Tips

2:02 marker – keeps scarves from looking bulky while looking elegant, easy
3:02 marker – reminds me of the many gorgeous women I saw on the streets of Paris. Rarely was there a woman without a scarf – a great finish to an outfit.

You’ll gravitate towards which methods are easiest for you to master and voila, you are walking out the door in style! Grab a scarf and have fun!

Let’s do this! Cheers, Kristin