I recently made the choice to go “au natural” with my hair and embrace gray. I was a natural blonde and like many, happily subscribed to years of chemically enhancing my blondie hair.
What I hadn’t realized is that my natural color had evolved into a silvery blonde with some depth. Jon David Salon in Springfield has a genius staff and they helped me uncover what Mother Nature had given me. Now instead of a chemically enhanced platinum blonde (which I dearly loved and enjoyed for years!), I have a more elegant blonde with so much silver (that’s code for “gray”!), the silver acts as a natural highlighter. My son recently commented, “Mom – your hair looks really cool…it shimmers in the light!” No downside there!

No matter how my gray evolves, I’m thrilled to limit my haircare to haircuts. That’s it. No more chemical treatments, dyes or bleaches…no more tin foil trees on top of my head or sitting under a dryer. Beyond fulfilling my main goal of simplifying my life, it felt liberating and gave me the chance to connect with myself on a different level.

This article is fantastic – long, as it’s very detailed, but I recommend giving it a go with a cup of tea or coffee. If you’re short on time, check out the last third starting with “If you want to go gray gracefully” where it shows a picture of a silver-haired woman enjoying a gorgeous cappuccino. There you’ll find helpful tips, products and things to think about whether you want to embrace your gray, continue to cover it up or start considering a change.

The good thing in Life – choices! Enjoy making the right one for you!

Let’s do this – Cheers, Kristin

Going Gray The Right Way: Everything You Need To Know About Gray Hair