Ageism. Age is only one factor when it comes to your personal image and there are more articles than I can track when it comes to ageism in the workplace. Alex Bruni does a great job sharing her perspective on just that in her article below.  As she approached 60 in an industry that celebrates 20s, she deftly shares how she has embraced the challenge, and in fact, challenges others.

Age is a tricky thing. We assign values to age, unconsciously or not. When you’re 20, you are too young to know much and too impulsive to think through serious issues. Your body is at its best. When you are 55, you are on the brink of becoming a dinosaur in the workforce and seemingly easily replaced (more cheaply) by those decades younger who are glued to their devices 24/7 but can navigate today’s technology in their sleep (remember, they were born knowing nothing else!).  And your body at 55.  Well, need we really say more?  Geezy Petes, you’re 55+! 

I can easily think of a dozen cases for both in the last 10 seconds where neither of these judgements was true. Age has advantages along its entire continuum. And disadvantages. The trick is to know how to appreciate each, balance them, be humble as such and always open to new perspectives. When it comes to fashion, and more importantly, your body, the rulebook is the same. Beauty has no age minimum, nor limit. It has no specific hair color, wrinkle quota or requires that certain parts either defy or fight gravity daily.  Embrace. Accept. Enjoy.

OK. This 50+ er is now signing off to figure out which button you push to post this on FB and share in my Instagram….hmmm..any 20 year old out there who can help???

Alex Bruni and Doing Away With Ageism in Fashion