Helping rising professionals strengthen their Professional Presence and achieve their professional goals by improving Appearance, Bustiness Etiquette and Communication.

Kristin Shoop

Kristin Shoop

Certified Image Consultant and Intercultural & Etiquette Business Trainer

Kristin Shoop, is a certified Image Consultant and Business Etiquette / Communication Trainer with over 25 years of experience. Kristin empowers professionals to achieve their full potential by building their confidence and strengthening their soft skills.  Using the ABCs, of Professional Presence:  Appearance, Business Etiquette and Communication, Kristin helps both rising and seasoned professionals learn how to project an authentic personal image that reflects a confident, authentic professional ready for any challenge. 

Whether you are a college graduate entering the workforce or an experienced professional looking to enter the C-Suite, you will benefit from working with Kristin on your ABCs of Professional Presence. Feel your confidence soar and open doors for your professional future. That’s how you get ahead in the workplace.

What to Expect:

Kristin’s proven process is highly effective and individualized based upon each client’s needs. We start with a thorough understanding of who you are, where you are in relation to your goals and what is preventing you from achieving your maximum potential.

With a variety of analytical tools, we first articulate your own unique identity. Then we unveil your ideal authentic image, incorporating elements of your physical traits, your personality style, your lifestyle and finally your level of interest in fashion (all levels welcome!).  We edit your closet and identify what’s missing to complete a wardrobe that is expressive, functional and in alignment with your goals.


For clients wanting to sharpen their soft skills, Kristin provides one on one training. Clients complete a Gap Analysis that shapes the content of their customized program.  Possible topics include:

  • Business Introductions
  • Professional Presence
  • Effective Networking internally and externally
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Intercultural Interactions


Kristin also offers workshops for organizations looking to strengthen their team’s effectiveness, communication and relationships with clients.   After doing a Gap Analysis, Kristin will suggest a workshop based upon the organization’s needs.  Possible topics covered include:

  • Power of Professional Presence® – Professional Attire Strategies and Understanding Different Levels of Dress
  • Outclass the Competition® – Business Etiquette for Professionals
  • How to Succeed in the International Arena® – Sensible Strategies to Broaden Your Global Awareness

For Military Transition Programs, Career Counselors and College Career Development Centers, Kristin offers more specific workshops including:

  • Military Transitions – Successful strategies to enter the civilian workforce
  • Savvy Interview Strategies – Proper Interview Dress Code and Etiquette
  • Dine Like A Diplomat® – Proper dining etiquette in the business arena
  • Intercultural Interactions – A customized workshop based on an organization’s specific global markets to raise awareness and effectiveness in both employee and customer relations.

Work with Kristin

Are you looking to strengthen your influence and professional look in the workplace?

Do you have amazing digital skills but lack the soft skills to get ahead in the workplace?

Or are you well experienced but unsure of how to navigate the landscape of more relaxed work environments and younger peers? 

I am so happy with my results! As a high school senior, I can confidently enter college with a professional wardrobe that represents me perfectly. I can’t wait to see all of the doors that open up for me now that I feel and look amazing going into interviews, internships, and classes.


Kristin did an amazing job analyzing my colors and working with my body type to determine the best cuts and styles for me! Her analysis went far beyond what I was expecting, and she even coached me on the types and sizes of prints which work best for me! My sincerest thanks to Kristin for her valuable coaching and professionalism – she really took the time to personalize my experience and give me the tools and guidance to put myself in the best position to succeed, both in my professional and personal life!


From start to finish this process was life changing! I learned how wearing the correct colors vastly improves my appearance. I actually get complimented quite often now! It’s amazing! This process has taken getting dressed from a chore I dreaded to something I now look forward to every day! Thank you, Kristin, for teaching me such valuable skills. Also, thank you for making the whole experience fun and informative. I now feel more confident about my body and my personal shape.

Mary Ellen

Working with Kristin has simplified my life and improved my appearance. I love my streamlined anything-goes-with-anything closet and easier shopping (not my color? Not my style? Then I don’t even have to take it off the rack!) I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to put less effort into looking better!


I would recommend Kristin’s services to anyone! She has cleared my closet of clutter and left only style. Her system has made shopping much easier (got to love the color system!). Thank you, Kristin!”


Kristin is an exceptional stylist and fashion expert. She was able to work with my
demanding schedule and build a C-suite wardrobe efficiently and effectively—all while
having fun, teaching me invaluable skills around designers and accessories, and educating
me how to dress for success for any occasion. She is an invaluable professional for any age
as she also works with my teenage daughter exceptional well too!


Transformative experience with Kristin. Discovered my colors, my style, updated my wardrobe, my image – and self-confidence went way up as well! Thank you Kristin!!