Ageism.  Too old?  Too young? Says who?

Ageism. Too old? Too young? Says who?

Ageism. Age is only one factor when it comes to your personal image and there are more articles than I can track when it comes to ageism in the workplace. Alex Bruni does a great job sharing her perspective on just that in her article below.  As she approached 60 in...
To gray or not to gray?

To gray or not to gray?

I recently made the choice to go “au natural” with my hair and embrace gray. I was a natural blonde and like many, happily subscribed to years of chemically enhancing my blondie hair. What I hadn’t realized is that my natural color had evolved into a...
Color – influencer  and expression

Color – influencer
and expression

Ultra-violet 18-3838. It’s what’s in! Every year Pantone researches which colors appear to be most influential across the globe and various industries – fashion, home interior, food, pop culture, entertainment and yes, even politics! Each season, they predict color...