Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend doing a Color Analysis?

Great question! We have found our clients often discover that some of their favorite colors are not their optimal colors. Some further realize those colors were never their true favorites, but colors they wore to stay in their comfort zone.

Our Color Analysis offers you a methodical approach to identifying which color palette best suits your natural coloring along with your “WOW’ colors. This is the first and critical step in our process. You will save time and energy in both purchasing future clothing and choosing your outfit each day. Imagine a stress free experience when you get dressed and feeling more confident and energized each day!

Can you do a Wardrobe Planning session without doing the color or style analysis first?

All effective Wardrobe Planning sessions depend on a complete Color and Style Analysis so we can recommend what is will be optimal for you, your physical characteristics, your lifestyle and your personality. Without doing a proper Color and Style Analysis first, we would simply be dressing a body, not recognizing the person within nor strengthening your self image. Following each of the 3 steps means you will also save money, time and energy– all precious resources!

We recommend doing the Color and Style Analyses together followed by a second appointment for the Wardrobe Planning. The Wardrobe Planning session is typically longer and can be intensive depending on your needs.

Can you customize a group training for my division?

Yes, happily so! After a detailed intake session with you, we will customize both the format and the content of training best suited to achieve your goals.
One of the easiest and most powerful ways a leader within any organization can help their team is to invest in their confidence and professional presence.
Two of our most popular training sessions focus on dress codes and Business Etiquette.
Business Casual is increasingly popular but also puts employees in self-sabotage or paralysis mode as few understand how to do it successfully. We provide tips and guidelines consistent with the organization’s dress code policy and instill confidence to dress professionally while still showing individuality.

Business Etiquette includes training on correct business protocol as well as the details that will set your team apart as the leader in providing excellent customer service with confidence and consistency.

Why is there an elephant in your logo?

Elephants have been an object of fascination and adoration for me since I was little. My grandfather also loved elephants and had an amazing collection of elephant figurines from all over the world. I was always drawn to the mantle where his favorite elephants resided. They were both mesmerizing and comforting. As I began to learn more about elephants, I understood why I felt that connection.

Elephants are incredibly strong and nurturing mothers. They live cooperatively in herds, working to make their community safe and loving. They are impressive problem solvers and have one of the highest iQ levels of all mammals (alas “iQ Image Consulting” is born!). They have a great sense of humor and dote on their children. They are playful and show affection. They are empathetic and loyal. They are confident.

Elephants rock their world. Why shouldn’t you?

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