Corporate Training & Professional Development

With the power of Professional Presence fueling confidence and effective interactions, you and your organization will be poised to make the first and lasting impression a great one.

Get your organization’s messaging right and open doors for building trust, the keystone to success.  Trust builds relationships.  Relationships lead to opportunities.  Opportunities yield results.  Results beat the competition.

Using her expertise as a Certified Image Consultant (CIC), Kristin works as a Business Image Trainer for organizations to strengthen their “ABCs” of Professional Presence: Appearance, Behavior (Business Etiquette) and Communication.  With the power of Professional Presence fueling confidence and productive interactions, your organization will be poised to set the stage for building trust and ultimately, success.

Work with Kristin to improve your competitive edge:

Business Image Training
Business Etiquette Training
Successful Transitions Training, Military and Civilian
Career Counseling with Professional Employment Agencies and College Career Centers


When your team executes their “ABCs” with confidence and consistency, they create happy clients. Happy clients lead to brand loyalty and business growth.  Kristin offers customized interactive workshops such as:

  • Business Etiquette (specifics vary depending on industry and dynamics within client interactions)
  • Dress For Success: Learn how to dress appropriately within your company guidelines, and your career goals while preserving your individuality.
  • Networking For Results:  Internally and externally.  Networking is the fuel to progress.


Smooth transitions set both the employee and the organization up for success with a higher sense of commitment and confidence, and of course, lower turnover.  Suggested workshop topics:

  • Military Transition into Civilian Workforce: Prepare service members heading from military retirement to the civilian professional realm.  Includes dress code and etiquette for interviews; building a professional civilian wardrobe; effective networking etiquette; dining etiquette.
  • On-Boarding For New Employees:  Dress codes and you; Developing an effective  Professional Presence within a new professional culture.
  • Newly promoted leadership roles: Promote your work wardrobe too!  Prepare for the spotlight! Sharpen your professional presence and business etiquette skills (introductions, multicultural interactions, dining etiquette, gift giving and more).

CAREER COUNSELING: College Graduates and Professional Placement Agencies

Professional presence is important from the very beginning and it all starts with the first impression at the interview. Kristin works with college career centers and professional placement agencies to prepare candidates for a successful interview process. Suggested workshops:

  • Popular: Power of Professional Presence®: Dress Code and Professional Image (see package below)
  • Popular: Dine Like a Diplomat® (see package below)
  • Interview dress code and how to manage on a budget.
  • Building a Professional Wardrobe without breaking the bank.
  • Interview Etiquette

CURRENT WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE, or contact Kristin to create a customized workshop.

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