Personal Shopping

Shopping. Does that word get you excited or anxious? Either way, we will be with you to navigate the retail world, armed with a detailed plan that saves you time, money and space in your closet. Here is where the rubber meets the road and you benefit from completing the 3 steps to your ideal image!

Our Personal Shopping package includes:

A pre-identified list of stores based upon your Color and Image analyses, your budget and pieces identified as missing during your Wardrobe Planning session.
A 2 hour session of personal shopping to help you learn more about how to shop for your optimal image and find the missing pieces to your wardrobe.

You may also choose to upgrade to a 4 hour session which includes a 30 minute hosted lunch. We recommend this for clients who have a longer list of missing pieces or who find shopping to be an anxiety ridden process. We’ll show you how to use the image tools you just learned so that shopping is an enjoyable and productive experience.

Let's do this!