Image Analysis Process

The Key

Image. It goes way beyond how you choose to dress your body. Your image is a reflection of how you see yourself and how you project that self-image to others in both social and professional settings. The key is how well the combination of those two elements work together to put your optimal self forward.

Our Image Analysis process is the second step and covers a series of four elements to identify your optimal image:

Physical characteristics

We take a detailed look into each of these style elements and through our process, identify your optimal image. This process is extremely insightful to our clients and having gone through it ourselves, we can share that it is both transformative and empowering.

The “win” is to understand more about you, your body and your lifestyle to create an image that is perfectly natural to you. Project your true image and feel your confidence soar. Getting dressed each day is easier. Shopping is easier - and faster! Enjoy an organized closet that makes sense for your life while saving money on a wardrobe that supports your image.

Let's do this!