Strengthen your Business Image

Did you know you only have 7 seconds to make your first impression? First impressions weigh heavily in job interviews, networking opportunities and career progression. If your Professional Presence is in top form, you will be ready for those 7 seconds at any time!

Using her expertise as a Certified Image Consultant (CIC), Kristin unlocks clients' ideal Professional Presence in 3 steps: Color Analysis, Business Image Analysis and Professional Wardrobe Planning. As an active CIC, Kristin offers her clients the unique advantage of going into much greater depth and support with her clients' visual image, or Appearance, as well as their Business Image, often the most personal and overwhelming steps in the process.

Experience the difference of "before" and "after" in working with Kristin and make those 7 seconds count! Scroll down for more information.

Color Analysis - A proper Color Analysis is a critical first step to define your ideal color palette. When you harmonize your natural coloring with you clothing, you strengthen both your confidence (you will feel, not just look great) and your Professional Presence. We will identify your undertone, seasonal palette, and within that palette, your “WOW colors”, or your energy/power colors. These will become your “go to’s” and give your business image an immediate boost. Color wallet included.
Business Image Analysis - We take a detailed look into 4 critical elements: Physical Traits, Lifestyle, Personality and Fashion. Our process identifies how each of these work together to form your unique and optimal image. We often get feedback from clients stating this step was the most insightful, transformative (aha moments!) and empowering.
Professional Wardrobe Planning - The most tangible step - auditing your closet! Simplify, organize and plan. We remove all items that do not support your best image and make a list of any critical items missing. We develop a budget and shopping plan to thoughtfully build up your professional wardrobe. We believe in having fewer, quality pieces that work in multiple ways to give you the most value and space in your closet. Save money. Save time. Enjoy looking your best!

Additional Services offered: 
Personal Shopping for Professional Wardrobes
Business Etiquette Brush Up
Networking – Navigate any business setting with confidence

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