Wardrobe Planning

Your closet. When you open it, how do you feel? Overwhelmed? Confused? Frustrated? Or are you just missing that finishing touch? We can help you!

After completing the Color Analysis and Image Analysis, we are ready to go into your closet armed with all the knowledge and insight we need to "shop" your closet and identify which items support your ideal image.

Our Wardrobe Planning package includes:

A closet edit to review your clothing items and accessories (belts, shoes, handbags, scarves). We sort pieces into those to keep, alter and donate. Fees are charged by the yard, so you determine how much you’d like to review.
A wardrobe budget. We help you determine your budget so you plan responsibly and stay focused on acquiring only those pieces you need and that will work well with the rest of your wardrobe.
A written wardrobe plan. Now that your closet contains only items that work for your lifestyle and ideal image, we identify missing pieces that would add the most versatility and completeness to your wardrobe. Via our module systems, we create a plan within your budget to curate a wardrobe that puts forth your best image every day.

You may elect to add on additional modules or “recipe cards” for different needs e.g. professional, social, workout, evening etc. This is a stress-free tool to create multiple outfits out of the fewest pieces. The “ingredients” are pieces that work as a group and that you mix to create different looks. This is a great tool for traveling too!

Let's do this!